Instructions for Online Statement Enrollment

In order to enroll in Online Statement processing, you must complete a short series of steps.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a current Online Banking user to enroll in Online Statements. To enroll, click here, or visit and click on the Sign Up link under the Online Banking login section.

  1. Log in to Online Banking, and choose the account that you would like to enroll for Online Statements by clicking on the account number.

  2. After choosing and clicking which account you wish to enroll, you will be directed to the “Details” tab of that particular account. Directly below the header stating which account you are in, you will see a series of tabs.

  3. From here, look to the right of the tabs to find the “Statements” tab. Click the “Statements” tab.

  4. After clicking the “Statements” tab, you will see the “Electronic Delivery of Bank (Account) Statements Consent and Agreement”. These are the terms and conditions that apply to Online Statement delivery.

  5. Read the Consent and Agreement form entirely. At the bottom, you will see “Accept” or “Decline” bubbles. The “Decline” bubble is the default choice.

  6. If you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the consent and agreement form, mark the “Accept” bubble. If the Accept bubble is not marked, your account will not be enrolled.

  7. Under the terms and conditions, you will see three (3) spaces for you to fill in information. This section is labeled “New User Sign Up”. From here, you:

  • Fill in your FULL Name

  • Fill in your Email Address that you want Online Statements to be delivered to

  • Verify your Email Address provided above

  • When you have completed filling out your information in the “New User Sign Up” section, you may click “Sign Up”. A message will display “Thank you for registering for online statements”.