Step 1: Enrollment

The first screen the user will see during the self-enrolment process will look like the following.


After completing the form the user will be able to proceed. The application will NOT let the user proceed if they meet one of the following exceptions.

  • SSN already exist in Internet Banking

  • SSN is tied to another Internet Banking profile

  • SSN doesn’t bank at the Financial Institution

  • User is enrolling with Business TIN

  • User has no Credit History (example: 17 year old is self-enrolling)


 Step 2: Verification

Depending on the Self Enrolment Settings the Financial Institution can have one of 3 verification Types;

  1. No verification

  2. Level 2 (Bank sets risk variables to match Credit Bureau)

  3. Out of Wallet Verification (Based on Credit Bureau History questions)

The percentage of questions needed to be answered will also be a Financial Institution setting.


Step 3: Username & Security Code

Once verified the user will need to create a Username & a onetime Security code.



You must wait for the email to obtain the link necessary to complete this step. Check your email for your invitation with the link. Open it and click on the link. 

Step 4: Login

The last page the user will see is the login screen. Like noted on the page, user will need to use the link provided in the email they used during step 1.