Loan payments are easily scheduled for Now, Specific Date, and Recurring (see notation 6 for explanations of each of these). This method allows for different payment amounts as well as normal payment amounts.

From Account – If multiple deposit accounts exist, select the account to charge for the payment.

Loan – If multiple loan accounts exist, select the loan to be credited with this payment.

Payment Status – This box displays the payment and due date for the loan selected. If past due, the payment date is in red.

Type of payment – According to the financial institution’s procedures, the payment type is defined:

Regular Payment

Current Amount Due

Other Amount than the regular payment amount

Principal only payment

Interest only payment

Escrow only payment

Amount – Enter the amount of the payment desired.

When - Select from Now, Specific Date or Recurring

Holiday – if the payment date is on a Holiday, enter the preference of before or after the date for this payment activity.

Submit – For the payment to be scheduled for processing, Submitmust be chosen to transmit the request. A confirmation displays requiring a selection of Confirm to proceed, or Cancel.