Subsequent Logging In

After the initial setup, logging in begins by accessing the appropriate website address.

Note: First Time Login instructions: The user name can be user specific, as selected. You cannot change your user name; however, a financial institution administrator may change it for you if needed.

There is a limitation of 50 characters on the user name.

  1. Enter the User name selected at the initial setup.

  2. If this computer has not been registered, enter the answer to the Security Question as selected and entered. If this is a non-public computer, you can also check the Remember This Device check box and avoid the security questions for normal login procedures.

    If the system does not recognize a device, it will prompt with a security question or out-of-band authentication and will remember the new device if you mark the “Remember this device” checkbox during login. The system can store multiple devices for each user.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. Your Security Image will appear along with the Security Phrase. Enter your case-sensitive Password and select Login.

  5. You will be taken to the Internet Banking main screen. See The Main Screen for more information.