The Main Screen

When you log into Internet Banking, the home page is My Accounts: All Accounts. This page displays basic information for all of your accounts at a glance. For more detailed information and functions, select the tabs and drop-down lists or individual accounts using the account number link (see label 2 below).

Card Management - When you have been granted access to Card Management functionality, this link will appear on your Main Screen below the Log Out and Show Account Numbers area. Click on the link to access the Card Management window and toggle card status.

  1. Log Out - When this session is complete, select log out to close the connection. Inactive sessions, as defined by the financial institution, will time out after inactivity.
  2. Show account numbers - At the beginning of each session, the individual account numbers are masked to protect your information, displaying only the last three digits. By selecting this option, the page refreshes and the complete account number displays.
  3. Tabs - Account review and tasks are achieved using the tabs located at the top of the page.
  4. Account Totals – The total of accounts displayed is summarized in this section. All Deposits are summed together, and all Loans are summed together, with the number of accounts making up that total.
  5. Accounts – Each type of account is listed in the bottom section. Each type of account has all the accounts styled in that manner, with basic information such as Balance, Pending Transaction total as well as maturity and interest information where applicable.

    NOTE: While accounts within a type may be rearranged, the types themselves may not be rearranged. You may not move the Loans to the top of the display above the Deposits.

  6. My Accounts – the right pane is the "side bar" containing "widgets." The My Accounts bar allows rearrangement of the accounts as desired by selecting the Arrange Accounts option, or obtaining online Help by selecting ? Help.

  7. Arrange Accounts allows you to move accounts in the listing using the up/down arrows. The account mini-view can be collapsed or expanded as desired.

My Accounts, individual account listingsEach account may be displayed in mini view on the side bar, in collapsed or expanded view. Transfers and loan payments are quickly initiated through the mini view as well as a quick view. The quick view allows a quick review of one account even while another account has been accessed. This prevents having to close one window to open another just for a quick glance.