How to Use Categories

If your bank has categories enabled, you can use them to sort your Checking transactions.

The category will be listed in the Recent Transactions grid:

You can click on a row to expand it:

You can click on the Category drop-down to choose a new category, deselect a category, or add a new category.

Any categories added will only be seen by you and any sub-users that you may have. Other bank users will not have access to use those categories. A popup will be displayed that will allow the you to enter a name for their new category; these categories are limited to 30 alpha/numeric/special characters.

Your bank may provide default categories; you cannot delete those. However, you have the ability to delete categories that you have set up.

On the Transactions grid, you can filter transactions by category by clicking on the dropdown directly below the column header. The dropdown will contain all categories that are currently assigned to a transaction. This is only available on the Transaction grid.

Separate users who have access to the same account will not have access to categories created by the other user and will not see categories assigned to categories by the other user. Categories are user-based and not account based so once assigned they are only seen by that user or any of their sub-users.

Here are two separate users who have access to the same account; each has their own categories.

Sub-users will always see any categories that have been assigned by other users but they will not have the ability to add new categories or assign categories unless they have the new "Can Modify Transaction Category Name" permission enabled.

When the option is not enabled, the sub-user will only be able to see any existing transaction categories. They will be unable to assign categories so clicking on a transaction will do nothing.

Sub-users can still filter by a specific category and can still sort by category.