Transactions tab

This tab allows you to view, search, and export transactions.

The top portion of the screen shows the Filters and Export Options:

  • This Month: Click on the arrow next to This Month at the top of the screen and then select the transaction group to view: This Month, Last Month, or enter a specific Date Range.
  • Export: You are able to export these transactions out into a file by clicking the Export button on the right upper side of the screen. You can choose from these specific file formats: Comma separated (.csv), PDF Document (.pdf), Word Document (.doc), BAI2 File, Quicken, or Quickbooks.

Below the filters is the transactions listing, which shows recent transaction activity and a running balance. Below the column headers, additional filtering is available.

  • Date: Use this filter to sort by descending or ascending dates
  • Type: Use this to narrow transactions down by the type; for example Pending, Deposit, ACH, Check.
  • Description: Lists the transaction description as in the case of ACH item descriptions or ATM POS description. If the item is a check, it will list the check number for the description. To view the item, select the check number link in the description.
  • Amount: Deposits, Withdrawals, or All.
  • Add Filter: Use this to search for a certain dollar amount or a range of dollar amounts

If the item is a check, will list the check number for the description. To view the item, select the check number link in the description.

The item is displayed in a new window overlaying the screen. Options are:

  • View Back - Displays the reverse side of the check for endorsement review
  • Rotate Left – Turns the check to the left one quarter turn
  • Rotate right – Turns the check to the right one quarter turn
  • Zoom In – Enlarges the size of the check
  • Zoom Out – Reduces the size of the check
  • Reset Image – Resets the check to the original size
  • Print – Enables the print options, opening your printer dialog box
  • Close – Closes the image display and returns to the transaction listing screen

If available, there is also an option to view all items in a deposit transaction. A drop down menu allows you to select and view any item in the transaction.

There is a Next button that allows you to scan through all of the deposit’s items in order.

There is also a Previous button that takes you to the previous item and allows you to scan through the transaction in reverse.

The new Next and Previous buttons only appear when viewing a deposit. When viewing a single image from the transactions tab, these options are not available.

Clicking the Show Addenda link will bring a window similar to this:

Below the transactions area are additional viewing controls:

  • Directional Arrows: Page numbers are displayed and current page is highlighted. Redirect or select the first page, last page, next page or previous page by choosing the appropriate arrows. You may also select the page number desired from the list of pages.
  • Transactions per page: The current number of transactions per page is displayed. Options to display 10, 50, 100 or all are available. The number you choose will be saved and can be modified here or on the Settings tab.
  • Summary – Displays current page number displayed (out of total available) and the number of transactions displayed (out of total available)