The Services tab is a communication portal between you and the financial institution. Predefined forms are listed (#1 and #2) for you to select from. A free form for other support requests (#3) is also available.

Note: Communication between you and the financial institution is secure. There is no "email traffic" where your personal information would be accessible to others. The message you create is stored on the internet banking site and a notification email is sent to the financial institution notifying them that a new message is available for them to review.

The New Form example shows the types of fields that you might see on predefined forms.

  1. Checkbox – checkboxes allow you to select/not select
  2. Drop-down – a field where there are options to choose from
  3. Email – used for the financial institution to follow up on your submission
  4. Link – to redirect you to another site of interest
  5. Multi Line text box – a large text box allowing for your communication to the financial institution
  6. Numeric input Box – a field that requires numeric input
  7. Radio Selection – use radio buttons to choose one option from a list of choices
  8. Single Line Text Box – for a brief line of information, a single line of text is available

Stop Payment form example:

  1. ACH item? – If the item is an ACH, check the box
  2. Check Number – enter the check number of the item to be stopped
  3. Account # - enter the account number in question
  4. Date – enter the date the item was written
  5. Payable to - enter the Payee of the item
  6. Amount – enter the dollar amount
  7. Explanation – a text box if additional identifiable information about the item should be noted. For example, if the item could be a dollar range instead of an exact amount, noting that information in this box would alert the financial institution to that information.
  8. Submit - for the stop payment request and information to be sent to the financial institution, you must click Submit.

Submit Other Support Request example:

You can create a new message when a predefined form does not meet your needs.

  1. Category - categories allow specification for the communication type. This also ensures that your email will be sent to the proper financial institution employee for replies and responses. Each financial institution defines their categories. Examples of categories to select from:
    • Alerts
    • CD Questions
    • Loan Questions
    • Technical Questions
    • Template Forms
  2. Subject – Enter the brief subject that your email references
  3. Communication – a large text box for your complete description, question, or other communication.
  4. Send/Cancel – in order for the communication to be completed and available to the financial institution personnel, you must click Send. To cancel, select Cancel.
  5. View inbox – this is just one location where the inbox is accessible for responses from the financial institution.

View Inbox

View Inbox allows you to view correspondence from the financial institution. It also is another method of creating new messages to the financial institution.

  1. Choose a form to submit – predefined forms that the financial institution offers are listed on the drop-down list. Select the appropriate form if available
  2. Create Support Request – If a predefined form is not available, this option allows a free form communication method
  3. Search Messages – Search for messages containing the string of text entered
  4. Category – Category of the communication as selected
  5. Received – If the green check mark is present, this indicates the correspondence has been completed as resolved
  6. Ref # - Reference number assigned to this message for easy referral when additional correspondence is needed
  7. Subject – Subject line of message
  8. Employee – Financial institution employee responding to message or initiating message
  9. Date – Date of message
  10. Records – Messages are listed in this area for selection and review