Details tab

The Details tab gives a quick overview of the account, including balance information and past transactions.

Account Number: the account number is masked, displaying only the last three digits. It may be unmasked by clicking the Show Account Numbers button in the upper right corner of the main screen.

Balance Information

  • Balance: The account current balance
  • Hold Amount: The dollar amount held against the balance of the CD
  • Term: This is the term length for this CD.
  • APY: This is the Annual Percentage Yield, or the yield earned on this account per year.
  • Accrued Interest: This is the amount of accrued and unpaid interest as of the current date.
  • YTD Interest Paid: This is the amount of interest paid on the CD for the current year to date (YTD).
  • Last Year Interest Paid: This is the amount of interest paid on this CD last year.

Account Activity

  • Maturity: current maturity of the loan
  • Last Payment: the date of the last payment posted
  • Next Payment: date of next payment due, If past due displays in red
  • Payment Due Principal: portion of payment to be applied to principal
  • Payment Due Interest: portion of payment to be applied to interest
  • Payment Due Escrow: portion of payment to be applied to escrow

Recent Transactions

  • This area displays the recent transactions on the CD. The date, description, amount of the transaction, and new current balance of the CD are displayed.
  • Transactions Per Page: Below the Recent Transactions listing is a line with buttons that allow you to move forward and back through pages of transactions. You may choose the number of transactions to display per page. The number you choose will be saved and can be modified here or on the Settings tab.