Wire Transfers

The following screen shows the wire transfers that have been submitted by the Customer but have not been processed by the financial institution yet. Users can have up to 6 actions that they can commit on a particular wire, depending on the permissions that have been given to them by either the financial institution or their Master User. Brief Descriptions of those actions are below:

  • Copy To New: Takes the wire as it stands and builds a new wire with the exact same information.
  • Delete Wire: Completely removes the wire from the system.
  • Reject Wire: Rejects the wire and will require a reason for the rejection.
  • View Details: Shows a PDF with the details of the wire.
  • Approve Selected: Allows you to approve wire(s) that are currently in a “Submitted” status.
  • Approve All: Allows you to approve all wires in the Overview>Wire Transfers screen at one time.

  • Account: Account Number to be charged
  • Receiver Name: The customer who is to receive the wire transfer credit
  • Description: The description of the wire.
  • Tran Date: The date of the transfer. This column may be sorted ascending or descending by selecting the directional arrow.
  • Sched Date: The date of the scheduled transfer, if specified.
  • Amount: The amount of the wire.
  • Status: Submitted by the customer, but has not been processed by the financial institution. The status can be submitted, approved, rejected (Bank) and rejected (User).