Import from File

This option allows you to import ACH files from a NACHA file or files that are delimited by comma (,), tab, semicolon (;), vertical line (pipe) (|), asterisk (*), and caret (^).

Note: The file size is limited to 1500KB.

Building a Template

You have the ability to build templates by moving the desired fields to the Fields in File grid, marking the "Amount Excludes Decimals" option if necessary, and including a value in the "Number of Header Lines to Skip" field if necessary. The template can then be saved by entering a Template Name and clicking the Save Template button.

Loading a Template

The template can then be used at any time by selecting the template from the Template drop-down list and clicking the Load Template button.

Editing a Template

If you wish to make changes to the template, you can load the template, make the changes, and then click the Save Template button. The system will then ask you to confirm the change.

Deleting a Template

Templates can be deleted by either loading the template and then clicking the Delete Template button or by entering the template name and clicking the Delete Template button. The system will ask you to confirm that they wish to delete the template.

To revert to a blank slate, click the Default Template button. This action will reset the template layout by moving all the fields that are not required back to the Available Fields section, clear the Amount Excludes Decimals checkbox, and clear the Number of Header Lines to Skip field.

Importing the File

Once you have the template that you wish to use loaded, click Read File and the file will be imported.

You need to verify the type of file selected. The valid options are NACHA Formatted or Delimited.

When Delimited is selected, a dropdown appears that will allow you to choose the delimiter. Comma is the delimiter displayed by default. The option selected must match the delimiter used in the file or the file will not be read.

Note: The Select, Balance, and Approve columns will only appear based on your financial institution's specific settings.

Authenticator Code

This field is displayed in the batch information grid when the option is enabled and the Approve checkbox in Batch Information is checked.

When a NACHA or comma-delimited file is imported, an authenticator code will be required if the offsetting account that is chosen requires an authenticator for ACH approval. The Authenticator Code field will not be displayed if authenticators are not enabled for a financial institution or if the offsetting account does not require an authenticator for ACH approval. It will also not be displayed if the Approve checkbox in Batch Information is unchecked.

If an incorrect Authenticator Code is used, a message to the right of the code is displayed indicating an incorrect token was used. File will not be processed until correct.