CSV Procedure

  1. File Name - The uploaded file status is displayed.
  2. File Type – Select the file type
  3. Comma-Delimited File Layout – The table contains two columns: Available Fields and Fields in File. When selecting Comma-Delimited, the format is not pre-defined and will need to be mapped by selecting the fields in the file. The Routing # (w/Check), Receiver Account, Receiver Full Name and the Amount are all defaulted because the system cannot create a valid NACHA file without that information. From the Available Fields column, select additional fields that exist in the file. To ignore a field, place a ‘Filler’ tag in its place. They must in the same position as in the file. The directional arrows move fields left and right between the columns, and up and down for placement position in the file.
  4. Amount Excludes Decimals – Select this option if you are using software that uses an implied decimal. For example, the amount $567.89 would appear as 56789 with no dollar sign or decimal place.
  5. Number of Header Lines to Skip – If the file has header information (such as column descriptions), ignore that line during the import by checking this box.
  6. Read File – to read your imported file against the layout that you have determined, choose Read File.

  1. Select the file(s) to Upload to the server.
  2. Upload Selected Batches (Current Page) - upload only the selected Batches
  3. Upload All Batches (All Pages) - or the entire File.