Tax Payments

The Tax Payment tab is where a Business would create a payment to the government for various Taxes. Required fields are notated by an asterisk.

  1. IRS Form: This is the form you wish to post the Payment to. Select from the drop-down list.
  2. Company: This is the Company name you wish to display to the IRS when making the Payment.
  3. Identification (EIN): This is a read only field that is populated from the Company Setup process.
  4. Payment Account: This is the account that the payment will be pulled from.
  5. Tax Information: This field allows a description to be added about the payment.
  6. Payment Date: This field will be the effective date on the transaction.
  7. Tax Period End Date: The last day of the tax period.
  8. Payment Amount: Enter the amount of the tax payment.
  9. Edit/Delete: Existing scheduled tax payments may be modified or deleted.