Import File

The Import File tab will allow you to upload a file to quickly add multiple items to the Issued Checks list. There are two formats that the system will allow:

  • Comma delimited. Click Select File >> Comma-Delimited. Then select the format of the file by adding fields--select items from the selection box on the left. Move the appropriate fields using the arrow buttons. Next, you will need to click Amount Excludes Decimals if your file contains amounts that have implied decimals, or leave the option unselected if your file contains decimals on the amounts. Last, enter the number of Header lines to skip. If your comma delimited file has a header row describing the contents of the columns, you will need to key in the appropriate number of lines.
  • Template: When a template is saved, a Template drop-down list will appear at the top of the File Layout grid. This drop-down list will include all of the templates that you have created and saved. You can then select the template that you wish to use and click Load to load the template. Two new buttons appear at the bottom of the grid once a template has been saved or when an existing template is selected from the drop-down list. The first is the Update Template button, which saves any changes made to an existing template. The second is the Delete Template button, which deletes the desired template; you will have to confirm that you wish to delete the template before it is successfully deleted.

    Once the format of the file is set, click Save Import Data at the bottom left of the grid containing a preview of the imported data.

  • Fixed length. Processing a file that is fixed length is the same, except you are required to identify the exact length of each field. Only the fields that are described as Fields in File are required to be assigned a field length.