The Wire Transfer tab is a form that can be submitted to the financial institution to request a wire transfer. Required fields are notated with an asterisk. Additional information may assist in the process of delivery of the funds to the proper person. Once you are finished keying in the appropriate information, click Submit Transfer.

To save the form for later use, key in a name in the Template Name field and click Save Template.

When initiating a wire transfer, the recipient will provide you with the required information for the wire to be processed. This includes his account number at the financial institution of his choice, as well as the financial institution information. Sometimes, the wire will pass through a secondary financial institution, and when that is necessary, you will input that information in the Intermediary Bank portion of the form.

  • Account - Select the account to be associated with this wire, and to be charged.
  • International Wire - If your financial institution has enabled this option, select this box for international wires and leave it unselected for domestic wires.
  • Choose a template - If a template was previously created and you wish to use that, select the appropriate one from the drop-down list. Templates are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Choose a company - Because companies can be associated to wire transfers, a new Company dropdown appears directly below the Template dropdown. The dropdown contains all of the companies the user has access to; master users will see all of their companies while sub-users will only see companies that they have access to use.
  • Amount – Enter the amount of the wire transfer to charge your account with.
  • Recipient Information – Items required are indicated with an asterisk and identified here. Other fields are beneficial when provided.
  • Name – Name of the recipient. Bank Name – Name of the financial institution where the account is held.
  • SWIFT/BIC - Holds 11 characters. In addition, if the wire does not have the mandated fields completed, the system will give an error and the wire cannot be submitted until these fields have been completed.
    • Bank Code: First 4 characters; only letters.
    • Country Code: Next 2 characters.
    • Location Code: Next 2 characters; holds both letters and digits. Passive participant will have a 1 in the second character.
    • Branch Code: Last 3 characters; optional and is for the primary office. This can be both letters and digits.
  • Bank RTN – The routing number of the receiving financial institution.
  • Account # - The account number of the recipient.
  • Type – The account type of the recipient. Valid entries are checking and savings.
  • Template Name – If this wire will be repeated and the only information that changes for subsequent wires is the dollar amount, you might save this information as a template to save time in the future. Enter the title of the template for easy recall, then select Save Template.
  • Show Schedule Information - When this link is clicked, the schedule information is displayed.
    • The Now radio button is selected by default. Selecting Future allows you to select the future date.
    • Notice there is a note that states: "Scheduling a wire transfer for a future date will cause it to appear in the employees’ queue at 12:00 PM for the date scheduled."
    • The time that appears here corresponds with the "Wire Transfer Schedule Time" that is set in the Transactions >> Schedule tab of Admin.
    • Once the Future option is chosen, a date box and date picker appear.

When all information is completed, select Submit Transfer to load onto the server for the financial institution to process. After the financial institution is finished, your Wire History will show the completed information including a reference number for confirmation purposes.

Note: If you are submitting a wire from a different IP Address or Geographical Location than where the last wire was submitted, a warning message may appear. Simply click OK.