The Schedule tab allows you to add reminders to a payee by clicking on the Reminder button corresponding to the payee you wish to use.

Clicking the Reminder button will display the Reminders window.

Any Current Reminders are displayed in the Current Reminders grid.

The Payee will be set by default based upon the reminder button that was clicked, but you can choose to change the payee by clicking on the dropdown where all other payees are listed.

Delivery Method: will be set to Email by default but can be changed to Internet Banking Only if the you do not wish to receive an email.

  • When Email is chosen, you will receive an email reminder to the email address entered on the date of the reminder.
  • When Internet Banking Only is selected as the delivery method, you will only be reminded within internet banking; no external method of reminder is used.

Email Address: defaults to the user’s email address that they provided during enrollment.

Frequency: defaults to One Time but you can also choose from the following options; Weekly, Every Other Week, Monthly, Every Other Month, Every 3 Months, Every 6 Months, and Yearly.

Date: defaults to the current date but you can edit the date by typing in a different date or clicking on the calendar and selecting a date.

Non-Business Day Delivery: set to ‘Send on date specified’ but can also be set to ‘Send before holiday or weekend’ or ‘Send after holiday or weekend.

  • When ‘Send on date specified’ is selected, the reminder will be set to occur on the specific date regardless of whether that date happens to fall on a weekend or holiday.
  • When ‘Send before holiday or weekend is selected, the reminder will be sent on the date specified unless the date falls on a holiday or weekend. In that case, the reminder will occur on the business date before the holiday or weekend.
  • When ‘Send after holiday or weekend is selected, the reminder will be sent on the date specified unless the date falls on a holiday or weekend. In that case, the reminder will occur on the business date after the holiday or weekend.

Subject: defaults to Internet Banking – Bill Pay Reminder but can be changed to anything you desire but is limited to 50 characters.

Message: blank by default but you can enter a message of up to 300 characters. The reminders are unsecured so sensitive information is not recommended to be added to the field.

When you are finished with setup, click Submit. A message will be displayed that notifies you of the successful save.

A link is displayed at the top right of the screen that will alert you any time you have a reminder for the current date. The message reads ‘You have x reminder(s)’ where x equals the number of reminders for the current date.

You can click on the link to display the Today’s Reminders window; the window displays the payee, subject, and message (if one exists) for each reminder.

Widget Settings

Reminders are also displayed in the Bill Pay Reminders widget depending on whether they occur within the number of days setting for the widget.

  • Number of days to retrieve pending payments:
  • Number of days to retrieve payment history:
  • Number of days to retrieve reminders: controls the number of days of reminders that the widget displays. This field can be set from 1-60.

You can hover over a subject in the widget to see the entire subject for the reminder.

Clicking on the subject within the widget will cause the message of the reminder to be displayed.

The widget can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the arrowhead located at the top of the widget.

The widget can be hidden by clicking on the x located at the top of the widget.

The location of the widget among the other widgets can be changed by clicking and dragging the widget to the desired location or by clicking on the My Accounts widget and then choosing to arrange accounts.

Here you can change the location of the widget or the method it is displayed (hidden, collapsed, or expanded).

Clicking on the Payment Reminders link within the widget will direct you to the Reminder tab where you can add reminders, view all recurring reminders, view future one-time reminders, edit reminders, and delete reminders.

One-time reminders that have already occurred are not displayed on this tab.

The date of recurring transfers is advanced to the next scheduled date the day after they occur.

The Reminders tab displays reminders in ascending order by payee but you can change the order to descending payee order, or ascending or descending order by date by clicking on either column heading.

You can sort reminders by Payee by clicking on the Payee dropdown option where your payees are listed as well as an all option and then selecting one of the options.

You can also filter by Frequency by clicking on the dropdown.

You can click on any subject to display the reminder’s message if one exists.

You can edit any reminder listed by clicking the corresponding Edit button.

You can then edit any of the information except the payee and save the changes by clicking the Submit button.

You can delete any reminder listed by clicking the corresponding delete button.

You will then be prompted to confirm the action by clicking OK.

You can add a reminder from the Reminder tab by clicking the Add Reminder button; the Reminders window is displayed and you can add a reminder in the same way as on the Schedule tab.

You can also add reminders from the Payee tab by clicking on an Add Reminder button.

The Reminders window will be displayed and is used in the same way as it is on the Schedule or Reminder tabs.

Reminders are displayed on the calendar in both the calendar and list views.

The word "reminder" is displayed on a date that contains a reminder and the total number of reminders for that date is displayed in parentheses.

Hovering over a Reminder will display a tooltip that lists the subject of each reminder for that date.

Clicking on Reminder for any date will display a detailed view of the reminders for that date.

The List view of the calendar also displays reminders for the date range specified.

You can click on the subject of any reminder to see the reminder’s message.

This project also added the ability to add page text to the Reminder tab.

A new iPay Reminder option was added to the Page Text dropdown.

The bank can add and customize text to the top and/or bottom of the page.

Any text saved will then be displayed on the Reminder tab.