The Settings tab contains Widget Settings, Default Account Settings, and Schedule – Account Summary Settings.

The Widget Settings section contains three fields that control the number of days of information that the widgets retrieve and display. Each of these fields are set individually and can be set to a value of 1-60 but are defaulted to 45. The three widgets are the Recent Bill Payments, Pending Bill Payments, and Bill Pay Reminders that are seen on the right side of this screen. Depending on your bank’s settings, these fields may appear on a different part of the tab.

The Personal Information tab displays your personal information and users have the ability to edit the information by making changes and then clicking the Submit button.

The Pay From Accounts tab displays all accounts that have been added as pay from account. One account is displayed after enrollment, which is the account that the user chose as the default account during enrollment.

All other bill pay enabled accounts are displayed in the account dropdown.

You can add an account by selecting the desired account from the list and clicking the Add Account button.

Accounts that are not marked as the default account will have two options available: Make Default and Delete. You can click the Make Default link to change the default account or can click Delete to delete any of the accounts as a pay from account. Once an account is deleted, it will again be displayed in the account dropdown and available to be added again.

When deleting a pay from account, you will be prompted with a confirmation window that lets you know that all payments associated will be deleted as well. You can change your mind and not delete the account by clicking the Cancel button or can confirm the action by clicking OK.