In order to enroll as a new user to Bill Pay, it must be enabled for at least one of your checking accounts.

You can enroll by clicking on the Bill Pay tab, which will then direct you to the Welcome page. You can then click the Enroll Today button to continue on with the enrollment process.

If the bank has not set the bill pay user type for your account, you will be required to choose whether you wish to enroll as a Consumer or Business. Choosing Consumer will allow you to continue on with the enrollment process.

Note: Choosing Business User will navigate you away from this enrollment process and will instead direct you to the iPay site where you can then enroll as a business user.

If you choose to enroll as a consumer or do not have to make the decision, clicking on the Enroll Today button will then direct you to the Disclosure page:

You must accept the terms and conditions to continue with the enrollment process. Check the box and then click Next Step.

After accepting the disclosure and clicking the next step button, you are directed to the Enrollment page where you can complete the enrollment process.

All required fields for this page are marked with an asterisk.

The Default Pay From Account dropdown will list all of your accounts that have bill pay enabled.

Once you have entered all required information, click the Submit button to complete the enrollment process.

After successfully enrolling as a new user, you will be prompted with a message box that alerts you of your success in enrolling and will present you with the option of navigating to either the Schedule tab or Profile tab.