This is where the customer can edit or delete existing devices and also add new ones.

Only the Nickname field can be edited. Otherwise, it will be considered a new device.

Two devices cannot have the same number. If you attempt to have two devices with the same number, a message stating "This device is already on the account" appears.

Once a verified device is attached to the account, the login process will be as follows:

Enter the user name and select Login or press Enter

Phone Call

Selecting the Submit button with the Phone Call option selected will prompt an automated phone call stating to hang up if you are not expecting the call, but if you are, to press any key on your phone to log in.

After answering and pressing any key on the keypad, you are taken to the password screen.

Send SMS Passcodes

When you select the "Send SMS Passcodes" link, a text message containing ten passcodes is sent. Each code can only be used one time.

Mobile App Push

If the device is set up as a Mobile and has the Duo Mobile app installed, the Mobile App Push option will also be available.

This will push a notification to the phone to allow you to Accept or Deny access to login to your account

If Approve is selected, you are taken directly to the password page.

If you select Deny, you must select a reason for denying the login. The options are "It seems fraudulent" or "It was a mistake."

If "It seems fraudulent" is selected, a message stating "Reported as fraudulent" appears.

When either option of Deny is selected, a message stating "Invalid code for this user" appears and you cannot access the password page.