Once the OOBA (Out of Band Authentication) option has been activated, you will be directed to this screen upon logging into your account.

You will not be able to navigate away from this screen until you verify a security device.

After clicking the Start Enrollment Process button, you will see this screen:

The fields to fill out are as follows:

Phone Number: The number to the device to have the activation text/call sent to

Nickname: The "nickname" to call the device. This field will accept unlimited input but will only display 32 characters.

Phone Type: Choose your device. If you do not have one of the device types pictured, choose one of the links below.

  • If "Have another type of mobile device?" is selected, a drop down list appears

  • If "Don't have a mobile device?" is selected, the option "Text Me" becomes inactive

    Enter the verification code and complete setup.

Can your device receive a text message? Choose Yes or No

After filling in all of the fields, choose the "Call Me" option to receive a phone call stating your verification code. If the Mobile phone type has been chosen, the verification code can be sent via text to the device by choosing the "Text Me" option.

The Text Me option is selected in this example:

A message appears stating the verification code is being sent to the phone.

The customer then receives this message with the verification code.

After the text has been sent and the page refreshes, a new field "Verification Code" appears. This is where the customer can enter the code that was sent via text.

It also works the same way if the customer chooses to be called with the verification code instead.

After the correct code has been entered, and Verify Device has been selected, the customer is taken to a new page that gives the option to have the installation link for the Duo Mobile app sent via text to the mobile device.

Upon choosing the link, the customer is directed to the Duo Mobile page in the app store.

Once downloaded, the customer can then choose to Add Account.

The customer must first accept the License Agreement. After accepting, the customer has the option to "Scan Barcode."

Once the activation link was sent to the mobile device, a barcode appeared on the screen.

When the customer chooses the option to "Scan Barcode", a camera like screen appears to scan the barcode.

Once the barcode is recognized, the account is added to the Duo Mobile app.

From here, the customer chooses the Complete Setup button and is directed to the My Accounts screen.