If the option is enabled for your bank, master users will have the ability to create Admin Sub-users. These sub-users can edit, add and delete lesser sub-users. Admin Sub-users can not create additional Admin Sub-users.

Selecting the Sub-users tab allows you to set up Sub-users as well as Admin Sub-users under your accounts. You can add a new Admin Sub-user as well as view who is already set up as an Admin Sub-user and edit and/or delete their access.

To make an existing sub-user into an Admin Sub-user, select Edit next to the sub-user's name and check the Admin Sub-user box. Then select Save.

To add a new Admin Sub-user, click Add a Sub-user at the top left of the screen.

Enter the information for the sub-user you wish to add.

Check the Is Admin box to allow the Sub-user to edit, add and delete lesser sub-users.

When the Is Admin box is checked, the Give all Master's Accounts box will be enabled. Check this box to give the Sub-user all the Master's accounts, permissions and limits. Leave the box unchecked to select individual accounts on the Sub-users tab.

Click submit and grant access to the accounts desired. Admin Sub-users may not have authority greater than that of the Master and cannot grant authority greater than their own.

Granting access to accounts works the same as when Setting up a Sub-user.