QuickBooks for Windows Conversion Instructions

QuickBooks Windows 2012-2015

Web Connect

As First Southern National Bank completes its online banking enhancements, you will need to modify your QuickBooks settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. To complete these instructions, you will need your [User ID and Password] for the First Southern National Bank website.

It is important that you perform the following instructions exactly as described and in the order presented. If you do not, your service may stop functioning properly. This conversion should take 15–30 minutes.

NOTE: This update is time sensitive and can be completed on or after 3/25/2015.

Documentation and Procedures

Task 1:Conversion Preparation

  1. Backup your data file. For instructions to back up your data file, choose Help menu > QuickBooks Help. Search for Back Up and follow the instructions.

  2. Download the latest QuickBooks Update. For instructions to download an update, choose Help menu > QuickBooks Help. Search for Update QuickBooks, then select Update QuickBooks and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: If multiple computers do not use the same QuickBooks data file, skip step 3. QuickBooks activities such as Online Banking cannot be performed in multi-user mode because of the way the activities interact with a company data file.

  1. Switch to single user mode. For instructions to switch to single user mode, choose Help menu > QuickBooks Help. Search for Switch to Single User Mode and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: If you are not using Register Mode, enable it for the conversion. You can change it back after the conversion is complete.

  1. Enable Register Mode. (Classic Mode in QuickBooks 2014 and newer).

  2. For instructions to enable Register Mode, choose Helpmenu >QuickBooks Help. Search for Banking Feed Modes, select Bank Feeds Modes overview, scroll down, and follow the instructions.

Task 2:Match Downloaded Transactions

If new transactions were received from your connection, accept all new transactions into the appropriate registers.

If you need assistance matching transactions, choose Help menu > QuickBooks Help. Search for Matching Transactions and follow the instructions.

Task 3:Deactivate Your Account(s) at First Southern Bancorp

IMPORTANT: All transactions must be matched or added to the register prior to deactivating your account(s).

  1. Choose the Listsmenu > Chart of Accounts.

  2. Select the account you want to deactivate.

  3. Click Editmenu > Edit Account.

  4. Click on the Online Services tab in the Edit Account window.The tab is named Bank Feed Settings in QuickBooks 2014 and newer.

  5. Select Deactivate All Online Services and click Save & Close.

  6. Click OK for any dialog boxes that may appear with the deactivation.

  7. Repeat steps 2 – 6 for each account at First Southern National Bank.

Task 4:Re-activate Your Account(s) at First Southern National Bank

  1. Log in to www.fsnb.net and download your QuickBooks Web Connect file.

  2. Click File > Utilities > Import > Web Connect Files.

IMPORTANT: Take note of the date you last had a successful connection. If you have overlapping dates in the web-connect process, you may end up with duplicate transactions.

  1. If prompted for connectivity type, select Web Connect.

  2. Click the Import new transactions now radio button, then click OK.

NOTE: If you previously removed the check from the “Always give me the option of saving to a file...” option, then this dialog will not display.

  1. In the Select Bank Account dialog, click Use an existing QuickBooks account.

  2. In the corresponding drop-down list, select your QuickBooks account, and click Continue.

  3. Confirm the prompt by clicking OK.

  4. Repeat steps 1 - 7 for each account that you previously disabled.

NOTE: Verify that all transactions downloaded successfully into your account registers.

Task 5:Re-enable Side by Side mode (if necessary)

NOTE: If you prefer register mode, you are finished with your conversion. If you use the Side by Side mode (Express Mode in QuickBooks 2014 and newer) for online banking, you may now re-enable the mode.

  1. For instructions to enable Side by Side mode (Express Mode), choose Help > QuickBooks Help. Search for Banking Feed Modes, then select Bank Feed Modes overview, and follow the instructions.