Is the Internet safe and secure for online account access? Can other Internet users see my account information?

 When you are using First Southern Online Banking, you are using a secure site. First Southern is committed to the latest in online technology and has taken steps to ensure that accessing your accounts via the Internet is safe and secure thanks to state-of-the-art security standards.

Additionally, we allow you to select a password of your choosing that will be easy for you to remember and keep "secret". This password is used to authenticate you each time you log on to the First Southern Online Banking system, prior to allowing you to begin viewing your information. The confidentiality of your accounts is maintained as the data is passed from our host computer to your personal computer in an encrypted format, where your browser then decodes the information for you to view. This prevents the data from being intercepted and/or viewed by an unauthorized third party.

First Southern has also installed secure firewalls to ensure that no unauthorized access is permitted. Additionally, each user session is set up for a specific period of time; when it is exceeded the session times out. If your session times out, you will need to log on again. This reduces "the window of opportunity" for an unauthorized user to access your account information if you walk away from your computer without logging off. Every effort has been to ensure that this system is as secure as possible.

The bank is confident that offering you account access through Online Banking is safe and that your account information remains confidential, as long as you follow safe computing standards.

First Southern strongly recommends that you use a secure browser with 128-bit, U.S. security level, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.