Quicken users trying to connect to First Southern National Bank may receive the message below while trying to connect. If so, or are interested in the Web Connect method, please continue for instructions.

To use Web Connect (temporary work around for the above connection error):

1. Log on to your account at http://www.fsnb.net

2. Click on the account number (may be masked by asterisks, showing only the last 3 digits).

3. Click on the Transactions tab

4. Click on the Export button. It will offer a few options. Choose Quicken. This will save a file to your computer. Remember where you save it.

5. Enter the date range you wish to Export and click OK

6. Go to your Quicken software.

7. Select File -> File Improt -> Web Connect File ...

8. Until the connection issue is resolved, click Cancel when you see this screen