Manually Adding a Batch/Creating a Participant:

-The following step is required only once and must be done before participants can be added

– If Company Setup is complete, proceed to Step 2 – Entering Participants”

Step 1 – Company Setup

A) Hover your cursor over the “Cash Manager” tab and select “Company Setup”


B) Choose “Add New Company”


C) Check the box under “Use EIN as Identification” and type your Company Name I n the required box. For Short Name, you may type the business name or an abbreviated version (either is acceptable). Type the appropriate Tax ID in the Identification and EIN boxes and click on “Address”.

D) Type the information for Street Address, City, State and ZIP Code. Select OK and Save.


Step 2 – Entering Participants

A) Hover your cursor over the Cash Manager Tab and select Participants


B) Locate and click the down arrow from the “Select Company” bar.


C) You may select your company name, however, choosing “Universal” will allow you to access added participant in all companies you create. (Universal is recommended)


D) A second line will now appear below Participant Name. On the second line (the first is for searching only) type the participant’s name in the corresponding box. The ID field can be an abbreviated version of their name or an employee ID number. This field does not impact ACH transmission and is only used for searching/research purposes. Address fields may be completed, but are not required. Once data has been entered, select “Save” on the far left of your screen.


E) Saved Participants will now begin to display below. Locate the desired Participant and choose “Edit” to the left of their name. (Hint: If multiple participants exist, you may increase the number displayed by selecting “Page Size” at the bottom of your screen)


F) Choose “Add New Account”


G) Enter the Participant’s Account, Routing Number, and Appropriate Acct Type (Checking or Savings). Account name is not required and will not appear transmitted ACH information. Once the data has been entered, select “Save” on the left of your screen.


Once Participants have been saved, you will only return here when editing or entering new participants.

You may now proceed to Step 3 - Creating a Batch

Step 3 - Creating a Batch

A) Hover your cursor over the “Cash Manager” tab and select “Current Batches”


B) From the ACH Management Screen, select “Add New Unscheduled Batch”


C) “Edit Batch” will display. Please type a Batch Name and Entry Description. These titles are for your benefit and should be short descriptions of the batches content (ex. Payroll, Monthly Debit, 1rst of the month payroll, etc.). Batch Names and Entry Description can be the same name if desired.

If the Batch will be sending ACH items to personal accounts select “PPD”. If items are intended for Business Accounts, select “CCD”. 

Choose the appropriate Offsetting Account and Company Name and select “Save Batch” (see image below)

D) Adding Participants to the Batch: Select “Add Participants”


E) Click the down arrow from the “Select Participants” bar.



F) Existing Participants (Created in Step 2) will now display in the drop-down menu. Check the box for all relevant participants and click on the “Choose Participants” box (see red “X” in graphic below).


G) Click “Select Participants” to continue…


H) Participants will now display within the batch.

VERY IMPORTANT! The default setting is to credit Participant accounts (ex. direct deposit Payroll)

If you are debiting funds from the participants, click the “DR” box located to the right of each name. Otherwise, funds will be sent rather than taken from the participant’s account.



I) Select “Save Batch”




Unless adding or removing a Participant, the previous steps should not be repeated as the batch is now saved with all routing and account numbers. You are now ready to send a batch and can proceed to Step 4 – Sending a Batch.





Step 4 – Sending a Batch

A) Hover your cursor over the “Cash Manager” tab and select “Current Batches”


B) Select the desired Batch located under “Unscheduled Batches”




C) You may now enter the appropriate amounts for each Participant by selecting “Edit Detail Amounts”.


D) Enter the desired amount to credit/debit for all participants and select “Save Detail Amounts”.

The amount entered will be retained and display until changed (if needed) in future batch transmittals.




E) Scheduling a Batch:

Select “One-Time” from the Schedule Type drop-down menu (Recommended).

If the amounts will not change in future batches, you may select “Recurring” and designate the batch to run repeatedly on your chosen cycle.


F) Select the desired “Effective Date”. The effective date is the day that funds will memo credit/debit the designated accounts. Batches submitted by 4PM EST can be sent for credit/debit as early as the following business day. ALWAYS VERIFY THE EFFECTIVE DATE.

Select “Save Batch”.


G) Your batch is now scheduled.

To verify status or to edit (before 4PM EST), hover your cursor over the “Cash Manager” tab and select “Current Batches”


H) The batch should now appear as below, with Approved displaying in green under the “Status” indicator.